Planning your wedding in Melbourne? 

Buying a wedding dress is just the start. We know. It's hard. It can be an extremely excruciating process, or you could fall in love with it.

To help you kickstart the planning of your Melbourne wedding, we're going to give you some links that will -

  • Categorise each thing you'll need to buy.
  • Narrow down the HUGE list of shops you can buy from.

We've tried to keep to wedding suppliers in Brunswick, Coburg, Carlton and other surrounding areas, but if we do suggest someone a bit further, we apologise! They're just too good not to add.

Wedding Flowers and Bouquets

Babylon Flowers Brunswick

Babylon Flowers will be sure to find you the most beautiful bridal flowers, bouquets while staying up to date with bridal trends. Be sure to check them out to cater all your flowery needs!


Hailey Page Flowers Brunswick

Hailey Page Flowers is a provider of bridal flowers from the future. Seriously. You can go to their wonderfully crafted website and shop directly from there! No visit needed. Plus, they'll deliver it straight to your door. It honestly can't get any better.


Wedding Venues Melbourne

We won't go too in-depth into these as there are so many options to book from. Melbourne wedding venues can range from function rooms, halls to private islands, cruises and much more.

Some options that are well known include booking a luxurious wedding function room at the Crown Casino Melbourne.

The Royal Albert Park is also a great option if you want your guests to enjoy the serene view at the edge of the beach.

Ultimately, when you're choosing a wedding venue, ensure it fits with the overall theme of your event.

Wedding Makeup

Makeup HQ - Sydney Road, Brunswick

Makeup HQ has eons of experience in making sure that Melbourne brides look "beautiful and radiant" on their wedding day. Using only the highest quality brands, materials and artists, they promise to drop jaws as you walk past your guests.

Located on Sydney Road, they make for a well-worth visit when you come to see us for your beautiful, Melbourne bridal gown.


Making Pretty Brunswick

Making Pretty is a home studio run in the heart of Brunswick, creating the most beautiful brides. The least we can say is that Sarah is a professional at her art, and it really shows. Don't just take our word for it. Find out for yourself.


Wedding Photography

Caroline Chandler Wedding Photography

Caroline Chandler is truly an artistic genius when it comes to capturing the most special day of your life. Her art doesn't just show you your wedding day.

It brings back the emotion. The tears. The love. Caroline makes sure that her work is more than just photo. She captures memories.


LJM Photography - Sydney Road

LJM reveals the true you. Truly professional photographers, they don't take the same approach as you think. The unique approach, to gaze from the sidelines ensures that they will "discover and capture the intimate and beautiful, as well as the grand and momentous".


A wedding in Melbourne.

An experience to remember. Do it with the best.

"A wedding gown is about self-expression, and the bride should choose a dress that reflects who she is about all else."